NVIDIA allegedly showing new MacBooks to staff

4 10 2008

A new rumor claims that Apple’s long-rumored new MacBooks are making the rounds among NVIDIA’s workers as evidence of its hardware prowess, and adds that the public itself might not have to wait much longer for its own turn.  The rumored release date is October 14th.  These Macbooks will include NVIDIA graphic chips which will be great for gamers as the intel internal X1300 is hardly a chip for anyone but casual gamers.  Hopefully Apple will pay more attention to the gaming market and sign deals with more game developers other than EA.

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More iPod Nano 4G confirmations!

8 09 2008

Hi everyone, looks like this will be the new design for the iPod Nano.  I new “spy photo” (- Engadget) has been taken of the iPod Nano.  Apparently in it’s actually packaging.  Here it is:


iPod Nano

iPod Nano


The only thing I can see in this picture that might not be believable is the gradient that the coloring has.  Although it does look nice, its a little off the Apple look.

iTunes 8 Features

7 09 2008

According to Ars Tecnica, iTunes 8 will have a many new features.  “a “Genius” feature that can build playlists from “songs in your library that go great together.” Genius will also include a Genius Sidebar, which really sounds like just a refreshing of the MiniStore already included in iTunes. We aren’t sure whether the Genius Sidebar will use smarter technology to recommend iTunes Store music that is truly like the music in your library or the currently playing song.

Another major new feature is the arrival of HD for TV shows, and Rose says customers will be able to download HD content to iTunes. This is very interesting when you consider the current state of HD in the iTunes Store, as only a small collection of movies are currently offered in 720p HD, and even then, only for the Apple TV.

If you’re already burned out on the fancy Cover Flow mode for flipping through your artists and albums, Rose says a new Grid view is coming. It isn’t hard to imagine what this will look like, but we certainly hope this new view isn’t limited to just music. Lastly, a new music visualizer is also said to be on the way. Apparently, people still use music visualizers in iTunes.” – Ars Technica, 2008


Although these new features are great, one more great feature would be some features for organizing music on multiple computers, or being able to watch a folder for files and add new ones to your library.


Ars Tecnica believes that iTunes 8 won’t be available by September 9th when the new iPods will be announced.  I sure hope it is though!

Apple confirms September 9 Special Event: Let’s Rock

2 09 2008

Apple has sent out invites to a Special Event taking place on September 9, which is exactly one week for today. The invite features the iconic iPod silouette along with the tagline “Let’s Rock.” It will be taking place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco
—just down the street from the Moscone Center— at 10am next Tuesday.


Apple Special Event Invitation

Apple Special Event Invitation

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New Apple Tablet Confirmed

1 09 2008

I have confirmation that on September 9th apple is going to release a brand new mac! Word is that its going to be a tablet.

Apple details next-gen multi-touch techniques for tablet Mac

29 08 2008

In a new company filing discovered by AppleInsider, iPhone maker Apple Inc. illustrates a number of techniques that would pave the way for tablet Macs that display a near full-sized multi-touch keyboard and run an undiluted version of the Mac OS X operating system.

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September 9th Announcement to bring more than iPods?

27 08 2008

Certain retailers in the Apple ecosystem are getting the “wink-wink, nod-nod, hint-hint” from Apple not to place orders on Mac minis, MacBook Pros, iPods, and Cinema Displays. Could this mean more than just iPods on September 9th? Maybe, but it is questionable weather Apple will be able to release so may products on one date.

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