September 9th Announcement to bring more than iPods?

27 08 2008

Certain retailers in the Apple ecosystem are getting the “wink-wink, nod-nod, hint-hint” from Apple not to place orders on Mac minis, MacBook Pros, iPods, and Cinema Displays. Could this mean more than just iPods on September 9th? Maybe, but it is questionable weather Apple will be able to release so may products on one date.

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Rumors of new iPods.

27 08 2008

According to a rumor recieved by Kevin Rose (, new iPods are on their way.  Rrumored are small changes to the iPod Touch and a redesign of the nano.  Large price drops are also on the way (horay!!), 2.1 software for iPod Touch and iPhone, iTunes 8.0 (big update w/ new features), and all this coming September 9th.  I sure hope so.  The date makes sense with when Apple released new iPods last year.  On TWiT 157, it was also said that iTunes 8.0 would include song recommendation features such as in Pandora (


New iPod Nano

New iPod Nano

Apple iPhone SDK

25 02 2008

Well, schools started again.  On to better things, tomorrow’s Tuesday! Apple’s been giving us something new every Tuesday since the beginning of the year.  With the iPhone SDK promised at the end of this month, could this Tuesday reveal it?  We’ll find out tomorrow!

New iPod Touch and iPhone

7 02 2008

New iPod Touch and iPhone both cost $499.  The iPod Touch has a 32 GB hard drive and the iPhone a 16 GB.  I appreciate the storage but a little costly in my opinion.