New Sub Notebooks at Macworld?!?

14 01 2008

According to an article from AppleInsider (See Here) new rumored sub notebooks may be coming tomorrow at Macworld.  They would replace the 12 inch PowerBook.  50% thinner than the current model this is what I’ve been waiting for!


Tomorrow’s Macworld

14 01 2008

Starting at 1 PM, Macworld is coming!!I hope there’s a thinner lighter Macbook!! 

iPhone 1.1.3?!?

12 01 2008

Leaks of iPhone update 1.1.3 have been showing up around the web.  1.1.2 is the current version.  According to the maccast ( it may show up as early as next week, a likely date being Macworld Expo on the 15th.  Some of the new features demonstrated on an 8 minute video on gear live were new google map cell tower triangulation features, as well as the ability to send SMS messages to multiple recipients.  A feature that goes along with the release of the SDK in February was the ability to rearrange the home screen, this included moving icons, choosing icons that appear in the dock (there is still a 4 icon limit), as well as multiple pages for your applications. 


11 01 2008

The missions are over but now it’s time for the bundle.  $49 for $362 dollars worth of mac software.  It’s an insane deal!!

Hello World!

8 01 2008

Yea, no. Welcome to my blog, I’m an Apple Fanatic and MacWorld is in a week!!! I’m hoping for a thinner, lighter macbook.