What is the point of this microsoft ad? The world may never know.

7 09 2008

Ok… here is the new microsoft ad.  The whole thing is about a minute 20 seconds and, only about 15 of that talks about their product!  Horrible and… it’s the most boring ad I’ve ever seen!


It’s the Vista Sucks Song!

21 05 2008

Apple has a new commercial officially titled “Sad Song” (the version here is the long version). 

Suck it Microsoft!

10 02 2008

Make sure you click the pic to view the whole thing! 😀 

Suck it Microsoft!

Vista Downgrade Program

10 02 2008

NEC officially announces a Vista downgrade program.  Just another example of how Microsoft sucks.  Anyone out there running Vista and hating it?  Well, here you go.  You might want to pause the music before you play the video. (Scroll Up)