8 04 2008

Sorry there hasn’t been any posts recently.  I am working on a widget of the week post but life (school) has been insane lately.  I will get it out as soon as I can.


Life Is Insane!

14 03 2008

I have so much stuff to do recently.  School, Tech Crew (not that thats not fun), Sports, English Projects… UGH!

Apple iPhone SDK

25 02 2008

Well, schools started again.  On to better things, tomorrow’s Tuesday! Apple’s been giving us something new every Tuesday since the beginning of the year.  With the iPhone SDK promised at the end of this month, could this Tuesday reveal it?  We’ll find out tomorrow!

Homework on a 3 Day Weekend?!?

20 01 2008

Ms. Falcone gave us all these questions on MLK Jr. for homework. Read the rest of this entry »

Science Test

14 01 2008

Did anyone think Maki’s quiz was really easy? Leave a comment!

Fire “Drill”

12 01 2008

Well what do you know “ring ring ring” right in-between classes, you guessed it, fire bell.  Yea.. well no way, its not a drill.  So, I walk out side and what do you know teacher aid.  “Go back to class,” she says to hordes of nervous students. So I turn to my friend next to me, “You want to stay outside,” cause the fire bell was still ringing.  He was kinda like, I don’t know, so we went inside.  Kids were going crazy; screaming, pushing, running, it was chaos.  Then, Ms. Brown, the assistant principal comes up behind us, “Quiet, evacuate the building immediately.”  Everyone’s like shit, it’s real and we all walk outside real quiet.  Then you know what?  We hear fire trucks coming.  So we all stand outside, it’s pretty cold like 35 and drizzling.  20 minutes later, “Everyone may return to the building,” comes over the PA system.  Turns out the whole thing was just a faulty smoke detector, which was replaced.This is the second time this has happened, we really need to get this crappy alarm system fixed, well actually, I hope we don’t cause then I get to miss class more.  But if something really did happen, kids are less likely to think its real because of all these “drills.”