I’m back

4 10 2008

After a much too long break from blogging I’m back.  I’m still pretty busy with school but i’ll try to get out at least a post per day.


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iPod Launch Coverage Info

9 09 2008

Hi everyone.  I’m at school right now.  I won’t get back till much later but, as soon as I get home I will post about the announcement.

iPod nano 4G case found — matches the Kevin Rose nano

2 09 2008

Our spicy, siesta loving friends over at Engadget Spanish just nabbed a hands-on with Hama’s iPod nano 4G case on the floor of IFA. The tip came in anonymously about an hour ago and sure enough, there it is, buried in a mountain of iPod accessories and sharing the same smooth arc of the Kevin Rose nano — as it will from henceforth be known.

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Apple developers get new builds of Safari 4, Mac OS X 10.5.5

27 08 2008

Apple again used a Friday to provide its developer community with new pre-release software for testing during the weekend, including new builds of Mac OS X 10.5.5 client, Mac OS X 10.5.5 server, and Safari 4.0. Most of these updates include bug fixes.

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RFID Robotic Chair Follows You Around For Constant Seating

17 06 2008

What you do is swipe your RFID-enabled library card in front of the chair’s sensor, which then follows you (or your card) around the library so you always have somewhere to sit.

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PSP firmware 4.00 is getting Google search

17 06 2008

PSP firmware 4.00 is giving the portable Google search, with stored memory for the 20 last searches. And video played off a memory stick can be sped up or slowed down.

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Robot Band is at Least as Good as Coldplay

17 06 2008

New Zealand’s The Trons is a four piece rock band made up entirely of robots playing real instruments, performing real shows, and – rumor has it – taking advantage of real groupies.

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