AirPort Utility 5.3.1 Update

16 03 2008

Open up the Software Update and download.  I just grabbed it my self.  Release notes include the vague, yet classic, Apple update message… “The AirPort Base Station Update 2008-001 includes general fixes and compatibility updates for…”


AirPort Express

16 03 2008

New AirPort Expresses might be seen this Tuesday, according to a leak on the Swiss Apple Store.  The new AirPort Expresses would have 802.11 N capabilities, hopefully for the same price.  

Leopard Version 10.5.2 Released

12 02 2008

Leopard Version 10.5.2 was released (apparently on Saturday), I grabbed it yesterday.  Great update.  Has numerous fixes, one for something that was effecting me, where the dashboard appears but is nonfunctioning.  Some of the most noticeable added features were a Time Machine menu bar icon and some much welcome improvements to the stack; including the ability to set the icon as a folder and to view as a list.  Just afterwards a graphics update for it was released, not sure what thats about but grab it anyway.

Leopard Stacks Screenshot