MacWorld Reactions

Macbook Air – $1800 The MacBook Air is the ultra portable mac laptop you’ve been waiting for. At just 0.76 inches thin at it’s thickest point, the MacBook Air can fit in a mailing envelope. (See the ad)  There is no optical drive but its 0.16 inches thin at the thinnest point.  Unfortunately, the processor at its fastest is 1.8 GHZ, at $300 extra and, an Apple Remote isn’t included, although there is support for one.  Time Capsule – $300 (500 GB) $500 (1 TB) The Time Capsule is essentially a AirPort Extreme with a hard drive built in.  It has the same ports, everything, even the same looks.  It is designed for instant compatibility with Time Machine.  This thing’s a great idea for MacBook owners! Now why doesn’t AirDisk work with Time Machine…? iTunes Movie Rentals and Apple TV- $2.99 (Library Titles) $3.99 (New Releases) $220 Apple TV  This is a no-brainer at prices cheaper than Blockbuster.  Along with this comes a new Apple TV (now $230) that enables content purchasing right from you’re TV – that includes Music, TV Shows, Music Videos, and Movies  (rentals too).  There is also access to all the podcasts in iTunes.iPhone and iPod Touch Updates – $20 (iPod Touch) Free (iPhone) 


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