NVIDIA allegedly showing new MacBooks to staff

4 10 2008

A new rumor claims that Apple’s long-rumored new MacBooks are making the rounds among NVIDIA’s workers as evidence of its hardware prowess, and adds that the public itself might not have to wait much longer for its own turn.  The rumored release date is October 14th.  These Macbooks will include NVIDIA graphic chips which will be great for gamers as the intel internal X1300 is hardly a chip for anyone but casual gamers.  Hopefully Apple will pay more attention to the gaming market and sign deals with more game developers other than EA.

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PSP firmware 4.00 is getting Google search

17 06 2008

PSP firmware 4.00 is giving the portable Google search, with stored memory for the 20 last searches. And video played off a memory stick can be sped up or slowed down.

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