More iPod Nano 4G confirmations!

8 09 2008

Hi everyone, looks like this will be the new design for the iPod Nano.  I new “spy photo” (- Engadget) has been taken of the iPod Nano.  Apparently in it’s actually packaging.  Here it is:


iPod Nano

iPod Nano


The only thing I can see in this picture that might not be believable is the gradient that the coloring has.  Although it does look nice, its a little off the Apple look.


Apple confirms September 9 Special Event: Let’s Rock

2 09 2008

Apple has sent out invites to a Special Event taking place on September 9, which is exactly one week for today. The invite features the iconic iPod silouette along with the tagline “Let’s Rock.” It will be taking place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco
—just down the street from the Moscone Center— at 10am next Tuesday.


Apple Special Event Invitation

Apple Special Event Invitation

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New Apple Tablet Confirmed

1 09 2008

I have confirmation that on September 9th apple is going to release a brand new mac! Word is that its going to be a tablet.

September 9th Announcement to bring more than iPods?

27 08 2008

Certain retailers in the Apple ecosystem are getting the “wink-wink, nod-nod, hint-hint” from Apple not to place orders on Mac minis, MacBook Pros, iPods, and Cinema Displays. Could this mean more than just iPods on September 9th? Maybe, but it is questionable weather Apple will be able to release so may products on one date.

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It’s the Vista Sucks Song!

21 05 2008

Apple has a new commercial officially titled “Sad Song” (the version here is the long version). 

Widget of the Week: ToDo 2.0

27 03 2008

ToDo is a great dashboard widget for managing your ToDo’s within the Dashboard.  It’s interface is smooth, when adding ToDos a box slide up and allows you to choose the calendar (which then color codes the check box), then type in the name as well as choose priority.  One of the best features in the new 2.0 upgrade is the abillity to automatic resise the height of the window depending on the number of ToDos.  Great widget!

AirPort Express

16 03 2008

New AirPort Expresses might be seen this Tuesday, according to a leak on the Swiss Apple Store.  The new AirPort Expresses would have 802.11 N capabilities, hopefully for the same price.